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Monday, August 27, 2012

Kande Pohe Recipe

Kande Pohe - Onion Poha

This is popular food item eaten in Maharashtra and nearby areas for breakfast or snacks.

Its light on the stomach and makes a filling, healthy breakfast.

Kande Pohe Recipe - 

Heat 1 tsp mustards seeds, kadipatta in oil. 
Add chopped green chillies as per quantity you are making (for 2 people 4 chillies is sufficient), when this starts spluttering, add chopped onion - fry till it becomes soft - need to get soft golden brown color. 

Clean jada poha, rinse in cold water twice. 
Add 1 tsp haldi to onion, mix in the poha and add salt to taste. 

Mix everything well and leave it covered on low flame for few minutes to cook. 

You can garnish with grated coconut, chopped corriander or shev.
Some prefer to squeeze lime juice before serving, some do it after. 
Squeezing bit of lime juice(not a lot) enhaces the taste.

By - Gayatri Shenoy

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