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Rules and guidelines for joining Recipeadapter

  1. Recipe Adapter(RA)is a compilation of recipes by multi-authors who are invited to post by email.
  2. If you want to post recipes and be active member in posting recipes, please send a request mail to giving your gmail id to send invites.
  3. You can use your personal gmail ID or gmail ID of your blog or group.
  4. Google will be sending a invite mail to the respective email id and they have to follow further instructions to join as authors to the blog.
  5. Once you get into the recipeadapter blog, please update your profile with your photo, your blog id, your interest, blogs you follow
  6. A welcome mail with a word format of recipe to post will be sent by RA admin.
  7. Please use proper labels for easy categorization of recipes.
  8. Use this link as guideline to post your recipes to maintain uniformity.
  9. After copying the text paste it to the compose page in draft format for the reviewer.
  10. A reviewer will double check the post for language, proper label, duplication of content and edit if required to adhere to blog posting guidelines. Once the  reviewer reviews your recipe a message will be sent for publishing your blog.  
  11. After receiving the message please publish your post. Or if you do not see your recipe under your name; please go to post and re-publish it.

Welcome to a awesome blogging experience at Recipeadapter.

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