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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Check here to know more curry leaf benefits

curry leaves benefits click here
curry leaves info

Benny auntie's kadi patta tree in our colony

Thanks to Benny aunty I get fresh curry leaves from her tree for making Curry leaves chutney pudi and curry leaves rice. There are many recipes around the web and I will share here some of the recipes. 
  1. Curry Leaves Chutney Puddi from
  2. Curry Leaves Rice - Karuveppilai Sadam Recipe by sharmis Passions
  3. Lots of recipes like Curry Leaves Rice (two methods), sesame curry leaves podi, Garlic curry leaves podi, curry leaves powder, curry leaves chutney, curry leaves kuzhambu, curry leaves roasted gram chutney, curry leaves dip by Kamalascorner
  4. Curry leaves chutney by Indianhealthy recipes
  5. Curry leaves chutney by Veg recipes of India

Here are some recipes using curry leaves for tempering or garnishing (includes information on curry leaves, storage etc. and scroll down for recipes using curry leaves)

 An International (australian) website for ingredients of the world has many recipes on curry leaves
 BBC Food Curry leaves recipes
Here are some tips and videos on growing curry leaves in your balcony or container garden.  Just like sage, rosemary, mint and other herbs, curry leaves is one of the ingredient in Indian herb garden. (how to grow curry leaf plant/tree in a pot or a container) (Varieties like regular, dwarf and gamthi curry leaf plants)

Curry leaves are a versatile and important kitchen ingredient.  It has medicinal properties and is helpful in controlling/curing conditions like Diabetes, Cholesterol and used for skin and hair care

Check this video for a weight management recipe
Ayurhealth has lot of Home Remedies using Curry Leaves

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