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Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is ma own recipe, Actually i prepared kharwas using readymade pow packets available in markets. But by mistake i added little more quantity of sugar to it. So it became too sweet. Suddenly i have got an idea. And i made dis dessert by adding some more ingredients. And the result is too good. So , i thought i will share this recipe with ma frenzz...and the name was suggested by cousin Sahana Shenoy who is talented in every field. A biggggg thanx to her for suggesting a cute name for this dessert:))))))))))
To make kharwas(posu):-
colostrum pow- 100gm
raw pkt milk - 1/2 ltr
sugar- 150 gms
cardomom pow-lil
To make Choco Nutty Kharwas:-
Kharwas- as instructed above
ghee - 3 tsp
cashew nuts - few
cocoa pow- 3 tsp
horlicks pow- 1 1/2 tsp
paper cups -5
cherries - 5
How to make kharwas:-
Mix colostrum pow+ sugar+ elaichi pow. Mix thoroughly without lumps.Boil  10 - 15 mins with steam.
Discard the water in kharwas. Smash it and keep it aside. In a kadai, put ghee+cashew nuts. fry till cashewnuts are lil brown in colour. Now add kharwas+coca pow+ horlicks pow and mix well. Continue stirring till ghee leaves the sides of the dish. Switch of the stove. let it cool. Now put it in paper cups and decorate it with cherries on top.
HAPPY COOKING:)))))))))))))

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