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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chakli or Crispy Savoury Spirals


1. Maida, All purpose flour – 6 cups
2. Split blackgram dal, Udid dal – 1 cup
3. Butter - 2 tsps
4. Sesame seeds – 2-3 Teaspoons
5. Salt to taste 

  • Dry roast black gram dal on a medium flame in a broad based bowl till you get a pleasant aroma stirring occasionally.
  • Sieve maida in the siever. Tie it in a white thin cloth and steam it in the pressure cooker for exactly 20 minutes. 
  • On cooling just press the lumps with your hands powder it and sieve it. Mix roasted black gram dal powder from step 1 to maida and sieve it together around 2-3 times so that it gets mixed up evenly.
  • Add salt, butter, sesame seeds and mix well. Slowly add water and bring it to the consistency of chapati dough.
  • Insert dough into the chakli mould such that it fits tight in the mould. Set your mould and roll out chakli of required size in circular form on a thick plastic sheet.
  • Place a skillet with 4-5 cups of cooking oil in it on a medium flame. When heated fry the above chaklies to light brown on both the sides.
  • Store it in airtight containers and will remain afresh for more than a month if fresh cooking oil is used.


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